The Powersolv Distribution System Application Software Package: Distribution System Loss Segregator or DSAS Package: DSL Segregator enables the Distribution Utility to:
  • Accurately Identify and Quantify the Distribution System Losses
    • Segregate distribution system losses into Administrative, Technical and Non-Technical components.
    • Further segregate Technical Losses according to various power system components.
  • Efficiently Perform Distribution System Loss Segregation
    • Automatically create and store power system models of each component.
    • Simulate quickly and efficiently.
  • Efficiently Manage Distribution System Data
    • Automatically migrate existing ERC template Excel files to database format.
    • Generate ERC template Excel files (from the database) for regulatory submission.
  • Use Helpful Segregation and Data Sanity Checking Tools
    • Segregate distribution system losses using data in ERC template Excel files.
    • Check the integrity of the distribution system data.

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