DSAS Package 2: ReliANT (Reliability Analysis Tool)

The PowerSolv DSAS 2: ReliANT enables Electric Cooperatives to calculate the reliability indices for their distribution system.

PowerSolv ReliANT outputs several different indices — allowing the ECs to improve reliability based on their priorities.

PowerSolv ReliANT performs historical & predictive reliability assessment, either per feeder, per substation, or even for the entire distribution system.

PowerSolv ReliANT enables the Electric Cooperative to:

  • Calculate SAIFI, SAIDI, & MAIFI, and even EENS, CAIDI, ASAI, ASUI, ASIFI & ASIFI – allows the EC to prioritize the reliability indices that are most important to it.
  • Calculate the historical reliability – allows the EC to track its reliability performance over time.
  • Calculate the predicted reliability – allows the EC to determine the value of its proposed reliability improvement projects.
  • Calculated based on subsystems or for the entire distribution system – allows the EC to determine, in terms of reliability, which parts of its system are suffering, and which ones are performing well.

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Web-Based DSL Segregator

Engineers from distribution utilities that have licensed the stand-alone version of the PowerSolv DSL Segregator feel the need for greater access to the software. PowerSolv breaks several molds in the software business with the PowerSolv Web-Based DSL Segregator:

(1) It is web-accessible and multi-user;

(2) It is licensed perpetually to the distribution utility;

(3) We take pride in our technical support.

The PowerSolv Web-Based DSL Segregator allows the distribution utility’s engineers — who may come from different area offices — to use the PowerSolv DSL Segregator Engine using only one software license. This means that they can perform system loss segregation and data sanity checking provided they have access to the servers of the distribution utility (for example, through the local intranet of the distribution utility, or over the Internet).

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DSAS Package 1: DSL Segregator

  • Accurately Identify and Quantify the Distribution System Losses
    • Segregate distribution system losses into Administrative, Technical and Non-Technical components.
    • Further segregate Technical Losses according to various power system components.
  • Efficiently Perform Distribution System Loss Segregation
    • Automatically create and store power system models of each component.
    • Simulate quickly and efficiently.
  • Efficiently Manage Distribution System Data
    • Automatically migrate existing ERC template Excel files to database format.
    • Generate ERC template Excel files (from the database) for regulatory submission.
  • Use Helpful Segregation and Data Sanity Checking Tools
    • Segregate distribution system losses using data in ERC Template Excel files.
    • Check the integrity of the distribution system data.

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