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DSAS Package 2: Reliability Analysis Tool (ReliAnT)

With the recent release of the regulator's requirements on reliability for distribution utilities, Powersolv came up with programs to assist them in this. This enables Electric Cooperatives to calculate the reliability indices for their distribution system.

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DMC Adapts the Web-based DSL Segregator and Reliability Analysis System

As part of their mandates, DMC wishes to simplify the processes for submission, analysis, and reporting of the DUs’ efficiency (system loss) and reliability performance. That's why DMC acquired the one of a kind system that will suit their needs: Powersolv's Web-based DSL and Reliability Analysis System! 

DSAS Package 1: DSL Segregator

"You cannot control what you cannot measure!"

That was the tagline of Powersolv when this product was developed. This has helped a number of Distribution Utilities "manage" their system loss and improve their system as well.

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Temporary License to Use for DSAS Package 1.0: DSL Segregator

As part of our commitment to assist all of the Distribution Utilities, be it big or small, we came up with ways for them to take hold of our products. We are offering temporary license to use for our software.

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Data Sanity Checkers

This is one of the first products that Powersolv released to help Utilities in preparing and correcting their data for submission to the regulator. With this, system data are corrected and prepared  for simulation.

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Power System Scenario Builder

As Powersolv's way of assisting the Distribution Utilities in preparing and correcting their data, we can up with this product to automate some of the processes they need to go through. And the best thing is it is for FREE!!!

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