Web-Based DSL Segregator

Why do you need a web-based DSL Segregator?

Because of the technical nature of its business, a distribution utility should continually be analyzing its distribution system.  Distribution system analysis ensures that the utility is delivering quality service to customers within its franchise areas.  It is important even in the absence of regulatory requirements.

The PowerSolv Distribution System Loss (DSL) Segregator enables the distribution utility to quantify the contribution of different system loss components — whether they are technical or non-technical, whether they are coming from the primary or secondary distribution lines, or from distribution transformer no-load or load losses.  Using this information, the distribution utility can focus its efforts by prioritizing system loss reduction programs that address the system loss components with high potential value.  Furthermore, the PowerSolv DSL Segregator is also suitable for use in distribution planning; in fact it has already been used in CAPEX planning by a number of distribution utilities.

Engineers from distribution utilities that have licensed the stand-alone version of the PowerSolv DSL Segregator feel the need for greater access to the software.  PowerSolv breaks several molds in the software business with the PowerSolv Web-Based DSL Segregator:

    (1) It is web-accessible and multi-user;

    (2) It is licensed perpetually to the distribution utility; and

    (3) We take pride on our technical support.

The PowerSolv Web-Based DSL Segregator allows the distribution utility’s engineers — who may come from different area offices — to use the PowerSolv DSL Segregator Engine using only one software license.  This means that they can perform system loss segregation and data sanity checking provided they have access to the servers of the distribution utility (for example, through the local intranet of the distribution utility, or over the Internet).

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