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For many years, a group of professors and students in power system engineering had been conducting research and developing models and algorithms for POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS. The state of technology then was not yet capable to perform these analyses in a low-cost and timely manner.

As technology became faster and cheaper, it became more and more possible for the group to implement these processes using computers. Initially, software applications for distribution system analyses were eventually developed: the PowerCalc, the Tree Construction Module and Engineering Attributes Module of the Data Sanity Checker, and the Distribution System Loss Segregator (now available as the PowerSolv DSAS DSL Segregator).

The idea of starting a company was formulated to support and equip the industry's electrical engineers in effectively applying their skills by providing them with software tools. 

Powersolv, Inc. was established on November 30, 2005 to formalize the activities of its incorporators and associates in the development of Power System Engineering Software Tools. From a group of Electrical Engineering students, researchers, and professors, the company has evolved into a medium-sized and strongly focused software development and support organization.

Company Profile

Powersolv, Inc. is composed of graduates of Electrical Engineering from the University of the Philippines Diliman.  Headed by its president, Engr. Albert Q. Garcia, the company is composed of three teams namely (1) Business and Product Development Team, (2) Power System Engineering Research and Development Team and (3) Software Engineering Team.

Each team is flexible enough to adjust and meet each of our customers’ needs.

Equipped with experience, highly analytical backgrounds, and technical competence, our Power System Engineering Research & Development and Software Engineering Teams are committed to develop and continuously improve our application to provide cost effective software tools.

Our dependable Business & Product Development Team shall work closely with customers to provide the necessary support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To deliver the best quality software tools and empower the industry’s power system engineers, helping them to effectively apply their skills and improve the quality of electric service they provide to their customers.

Our Vision

To become the premiere software solutions provider for Electric Power Distribution System Engineering, empowering Electrical Engineers towards the common goal of improving the quality of electric service provided to customers worldwide.

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