DSAS DSL Segregator

Distribution System Loss Segregator

Empower distribution engineers with our cutting-edge tool designed to segregate system losses into technical and non-technical categories. PowerSolv DSAS DSL Segregator not only identifies the root causes but also assists in developing targeted solutions for effective system loss reduction. 

✔️further segregation of technical losses into its components including transformer losses and line losses

✔️calculation of bus voltages and branch currents around the network

✔️additional insightful outputs including voltage violation report, loading report, distribution transformer report, and power flow simulation report

✔️integration of Distributed Generation to the network, modeled as constant power (PQ) or constant voltage (PV)

✔️support for both feeder and subtransmission calculation

✔️handling of radial and weakly-meshed networks in its solutions

✔️smart and visual aggregation of System Loss Segregation results

✔️full inclusion of all updated DSAS Sanity Checkers

✔️compatible with the latest ERC DSL Template used in ERC's ODRA

✔️built-in editing of data files

✔️quick and easy-to-use bulk run option for all simulations

✔️fast and simple management of simulation results

Which parts of the feeder and subtransmission system require more capital improvements? Which are the lossiest portions of the system? 

DSAS DSL Segregator allows you to answer these very important management questions.

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