DSAS Package 2.0

The PowerSolv DSAS Package 2.0: ReliANTenables Electric Cooperatives to calculate the reliability indices for their distribution system.

PowerSolv ReliANT outputs several different indices — allowing the ECs to improve reliability based on their priorities.

PowerSolv ReliANT performs historical & predictive reliability assessment, either per feeder, per substation, or even for the entire distribution system.

PowerSolv ReliANT enables the Electric Cooperative to:

o        Calculate the reliability indices for their distribution system.

o        Calculate SAIFI, SAIDI, & MAIFI, and even EENS, CAIDI, ASAI, ASUI, ASIFI & ASIFI – allows the EC to prioritize the reliability indices that are most important to it.

o        Calculate the historical reliability – allows the EC to track its reliability performance over time.

o        Calculate the predicted reliability – allows the EC to determine the value of its proposed reliability improvement projects.

o        Calculated based on subsystems or for the entire distribution system – allows the EC to determine, in terms of reliability, which parts of its system aresuffering, and which ones are performing well.

PowerSolv ReliANT’s reliability calculations are tested for accuracy and acceptability using internationally published results. PowerSolv ReliANT also includes the PowerSolv Sanity Checker suite of applications (Tree Construction, Engineering Attributes, and Intersheet Check), ensuring good results by allowing only good data in the system.

PowerSolv ReliANT’s user interface simplifies the work for the engineers of the EC – to enable them to spend more time on the analysis of the results instead of spending a lot of time in obtaining them.

    o        Easily manage project data – historical & predictive, for small & large systems.

    o        Easily simulate multiple feeders – select the feeders and just click “Run”.

    o        Easily aggregate results – from feeders to substations to the entire system.

    o        Easily view results – view not just numbers; comparison is easier with graphs.

PowerSolv ReliANT’s Project Navigator allows users to manage multiple datasets in one place, allowing the user to quickly choose the datasets of interest, whether historical or predictive.  Large collections of datasets can be stored for easy retrieval and analyses later. The Project Navigator allows the EC to see its SAIFI 5 years ago, and its SAIFI 5 years from now.

PowerSolv ReliANT’s user interface allows users to quickly choose the feeders for reliability calculations and for results aggregation. There is a built-in Filter Feature, allowing users to go through even large collection of datasets without being overwhelmed.  The Smart-Select Feature disallows duplicate datasets when performing aggregation analysis – ensures that the aggregate results will always make sense.

PowerSolv ReliANT outputs both numerical and graphical results.  The graphs serve as visual aids to allow the EC management to benchmark their reliability performance across feeders and over time.  Which feeders require more capital improvements?  Which feeders need operational improvements or additional O&M personnel? PowerSolv ReliANT allows the ECs to answer these very important management questions.

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