Power System Scenario Builder

PowerSolv is committed to serve the country by increasing the effectiveness of distribution utility engineers through software development. We have been receiving your comments about how we could help you use our DSAS Package: DSL Segregator software and we have been listening!

Introducing the Power System Scenario Builder software!

The Power System Scenario Builder software saves time for distribution utility engineers by eliminating the need to go through changing the data one by one, and instead allows the utility engineers to generate the data for different scenarios with just a few mouse clicks. This means utility engineers don't have to spend as much time creating data and have more time to analyze.

The Scenario Builder simplifies data generation for the following scenarios:

1. Changing the conductor size or configuration of a line span.

2. Splitting a feeder into two circuits.

3. Transferring a part of a feeder to a new (previously

    non-existent) substation.

4. Transferring a part of a feeder to another feeder.Utility engineers simply have to load the generated ERC Template feeder files to the DSL Segregator and simulate these new scenarios created, making CAPEX (Capital Expenditures) planning activities faster and easier.

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