Power Simulation Tools for UP Los Baños

Power System Tool UP Los BañosTo assist the students of Electrical Engineering in the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), Powersolv is providing the laboratory with the software tools to simulate and analyze network data from Electric Utilities. Powersolv is providing UPLB with the newest and most updated versions of the Power System Tools namely:

(1) DSAS Package 1: Distribution System Loss Segregator

(2) DSAS Package 2: Reliability Analysis Tool

(3) PowerCalc Toolkit

Kindly follow the following steps to install the programs:

  1. Download the installer files for the following software:
    • DSAS Package 1: DSL Segregator v3.2.0
    • DSAS Package 2: Reliability Analysis Tool
    • Powercalc Toolkit v3.4.0
  2. Turn off user account control setting in your PC.
  3. Unzip file and install program in your PC. (Note: For Windows 8: when installing, right click and choose "Run as Administrator")
  4. Obtain Computer ID and fill out the request form on the right.
  5. Activation codes will be provided for you for each of the software through your email.
  6. Use the respective Activation Code to enable each of the Power System Tool.